HangDr. in The Mirror!


We were so excited to see HangDr. Vitamin & Mineral Supplement feature in The Mirror newspaper on December 6, plus we had a mention on the newspaper’s website too!

Included in a piece on how to survive the Christmas party season – and make it to the 25th in one piece – the newspaper dubbed HangDr. Vitamin & Mineral Supplement an ‘SOS rescue’, stating:

SOS rescue: Drink plenty of water and nibble some healthy Christmas nuts – packed with antioxidant vitamin E and essential fats, these superfoods will hydrate and repair skin from the inside out. And try HangDr Vitamin & Mineral Supplement For People Who Like A Drink (from £7.99, Holland & Barrett) – a blend of the vital 24 nutrients that become depleted after a heavy night out.”

Thanks The Mirror!

Looking to keep fresh this Christmas? Visit the HangDr. shop to browse our essential range of vitamin and mineral products, and join HangDr. on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for exclusive offers and competitions.


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